About this site

Hi, I’m Bob Elschlager.

I’m the creator of this website and author of its posts.

About me:   1) I’m male.   2) I’m gay.      3)  I have somewhat of an academic background, but more, an intellectual involvement in rationality real-world background; that real-world implies / includes the wide-range of things in which we exist. Since I am retired, I decided I can use that as a way to contribute to the world or universe, by saying needed things which I could not otherwise say.       4)  I’m right wing.    5) I’m white.      6) I’m older.    7) I’m ma.


Q: what is ma?

A:  It goes back even to Plato, that the universe has a certain “mathematical” character to it. I put mathematical in quotes because it had a different meaning than it does in our times. Actually, ma goes back even to Pythagoras, whose followers were deeply philosophically disturbed by the hypotenuse of a certain right triangle not being able to be any fraction. 

A:  Some more. Spinoza started looking at philosophy and God and so on, expressed in a purely ma way. He was not completely successful.

A:  And some more. Kepler (God-ish, ma-ish). Galileo (yes and ???).

A:  Some more. Frege leaped deeply into ma, apparently then tripped by Russell, but not really.

A:  And some more. Maybe ursm/is is sort of ma.

A: And more. I’m not sure whether to mention all this. For some people it might be good, for others a turn-off because of all the detail. If you want to read this detail, see    ma-more-detail .

Q: What’s the thing with gay?

A:  I used to never think of gay as an essential thing. But it got more central in the world around me, the U.S., religion, politics, right wing, and in any group of people there are always some who are absolute in some of their beliefs, political correctness creating intense emotional barriers to communication and making things more absolute and fearful of any even slightly rational conversation, Sharia law with its command to kill gays, and ISIS even worse. And the gay thing becoming more and more a big thing in the world about me. So it was hard for me not to start looking at the whole issue of gay. One thing I noticed were certain sort of logical fallacies in political correctness regarding gay.

Q: Any more comments for now?

At time passed with this web site, one thing I started to finally focus in on is the need for me to find better people to communicate with. THis is relevant not only in my general life, but also with a project I struggle with, to which I gave the name ursm/is – universal reasoning system machine and information system. When you talk about something to the public, or just to other people, you need to give it some kind of name, and ursm/is is what I started using.

I even started giving systematic thinking to this goal of finding better people to communicate with, ursm/is thinking. That means coming up with things that apply to all human beings who stand outside much of the dominant communication and idea systems of the people about them.

I’m interested in finding people with sufficient set of common goals where we can see if we can advance in those ways we are seeking to advance. Every word in the previous sentence says something. As for the sentence itself, actually, isn’t this what all people seek? It’s just that most have not stated it explicitly, to others or to themselves.

Other things to bring up? Hmm. Well,

I may have a condition where there is less subcutaneous fat in my face and my regular medical doctor once mentioned the consideration of botox. But I decided against that.

Q: Thanks. That answers a lot of questions. Hmm. Looking back over our Q&A, you mention ursm/is, but you don’t say anything more about it. Come to think of it, you mention ursm/is at the end of several posts – in the “what?”. What is ursm/is?

A: I think I have something here. But first, I need to construct an “initial system”. Oh, there are so many issues, I don’t know where to start explaining this.