Deutschland Uber Alles – Then and Now

Then. Hitler. Now. Merkel.


Deutschland Uber Alles – Then and Now

Then. Hitler. Now. Merkel.

Then. Using its clout, spreading Nazism to Europe and the world. Now. Spreading the EU Euro-currency and political correctness to Europe and the world.


Not employing even the most limited checking procedures for a customer applying for a loan, the customer being Greece. After the loan and the customer was unable to make payments, imposing vicious, destructive, straight-jacket requirements as a clever way to reduce the customer to absolute control.

Perhaps, not unlike Rome over Carthage, at the end.


As for political correctness, one seems to hear from different sources, about some forms of sexual political correctness regarding the young – even the very, very young. (These issues have not yet been figured out in a careful universal framework, and involve no end of factors, including differences in locales.)  But political correct sexuality for instance in Germany and the accompanying social scientific sexual ideas in Germany. For instance, see 12:00 into the youtube  about the sexualization of children being pushed into other countries. Are there any general similarities with the knowledge dynamics of Nazism in Germany in the 1930’s and the accompanying 1930’s social scientific ideas about Nazism in Germany, with the knowledge dynamics of political correctness in Germany today and today’s developed accompanying social scientific ideas about certain areas of political and sexual political correctness?


posted by Bob Elschlager


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