News Articles about World Forces

Articles come across ~ 2/18/2016 by Bob Elschlager

Japanese MP under fire for linking Obama to slaves  A descendant of slaves would have been unthinkable president in the past

New slogans tell N Koreans to build cars, grow food  *NORTH* Korean govt pushes whole society in direction of satellites, electric trains cars, green-house grown veggies, and defend party and state to the death.

Communist Chinese aggressiveness strengthens; also economic issues

Sea row: Southeast Asian countries eye stronger maritime surveillance capabilities –

China promises economic stability as G20, parliament loom – but …

Regulators leave China’s wealth management agency unplugged – 

Caixin: Drawing line between government and markets is key in reforming China’s financial industry –

N Korea planning cyber and terror attacks: Seoul’s spy service –

‘Dangerous’ radioactive material stolen in Iraq raises security concerns ISIS

~2/15/2018  Russian Orthodox and Pope meet. 20 centuries. World Forces? In a way. Profound awareness of what we before had no awareness whatsoever, at the most basic sensual level. Astronaut misses — weather. Another misses “standard” stuff like water flowing out of a faucet instead of floating around you.

2/3/2016 First time I have seen anywhere an author offering a specific explanation of the crash in oil prices. See “out of business”.


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