Outside the Establishment

Part 1 Dec 1 2015.  Part 2 Jan 21 2016.  ursm Jan 23 2016.

*** Part 1 ***  Dec 1, 2015

Once you step outside an existing area of expertise, you are in a hopeless melange, truly hopeless, of potentially all kinds of information, facts, ideas, writings. Utterly massively disorganized – nay, possibly impossible to-be-organized.

At least this is the case in the modern world.


For instance, look around at http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/Xplore/home.jsp –  “The IEEE promotes the engineering process of creating, developing, integrating, sharing, and applying knowledge about electro- and information technologies”. Or look at https://www.mla.org/About-Us/Governance/Committees/Committee-Listings/Professional-Issues/Committee-on-Information-Technology/Guidelines-for-Authors-of-Digital-Resources .  

The sheer quantity of articles and stuff is larger than Mt Everest. And all these articles, each one, is itself full of technical ideas and concepts and logic and writing and put-togethers of ideas, concepts, and so on.

And yet, stepping outside existing areas of expertise is likely essential to survival for many people and groups and countries and so on, in today’s world.

The problem is this.

You need at least one person other than yourself.

If you have only yourself, arghh. That does not work. Arghh. Arghh. Arghhh. Die alone dude.

I have seen what are probably examples of this. And, I myself, in trying to strike out in certain directions, and after coming across some results which I thought were definitely special, became aware of some fo the problems. Now a Phud, or some such letters after your name, can be an immense help. Or maybe not. The picture is not so clear.

In our dynamic times, of the whole world, six to seven billion people, are more than possibly in turmoil, definitely in turmoil, politically, intellectually, technologically, medically, scientifically, metaphysically, information-ly, computer-human-interaction-ly, and on and on and on.

So, again, the topic of this post. When you step outside an existing area of experts, and are completely by yourself, you are a single lone bacteria cell in the pacific ocean. Good luck on survival – of any sort.

That’s the general topic area of this post. But more specific topic in this post is: if you can find just one other person whom you can have intense interactions with, in this new area of interest or whatever you conceive of it as. If you can do this, you are stepping from one world of possibility to a much better world of possibility. Maybe better to say, you are stepping from the absolutely impossible to something that now has some real possibility of existence.

To go from one person to two, is literally a metaphysical leap in terms of existence.


In the rest of this multi-part post, I want to give more precision to the two or so main points above, and then list an approach to finding and getting another such person, or to getting a very small number of others than yourself: that is, an entity larger than only you.

*** end of part 1 ***

*** start part 2 *** Jan 21, 2016

A phenomenon that must be dealt with. If one is to replace doing work in an academic or research institution with doing the work on the internet. Also dealt with by countries which want to explore such replacements.

An interesting phenomenon but not seen until it is explicitly pointed out. Like so many dynamics in human activity.

Take for instance the two-some of Crick and Watson trying to unravel the mystery of DNA chemical structure in the body. (Francis Crick and James D, Watson.)

Took many days. Many, many, many days.

What if every bit of their discussion between them was through the internet because they were not in close physical association. On the internet where anyone could read it.

They would never even started their DNA work because their ideas would have been snatched away by individuals and groups all over the world and developed all over the world by this awesome, monstrous, vast melange of other minds, before Crick and Watson even started going on it. Even to suggest other than this is so opposite obvious commons sense as to be confusing to even state.

And this is why the internet cannot replace a small group where constant easy everyday conversation modes go on all the time. Ah the unnoticed importance of such unimportant conversation, communication, interaction. The vast melange of such communication, which would never come into existence if it were on the internet. And to the disaster of humanity.

This private closed communication area is one of the functions provided by academia and research institutes.

*** end Part 2 ***

*** ursm Jan 23, 2016 ***

I seek a job. No, I seek a position. No, that’s not right either. All this is completely outside-the-box thinking.  I seek an activity. It is a high high risk that it will fall through and not work and never produce income and end, with effort but no experience to put on a resume and nothing to use or develop from it. So we better get involved with it solely from interest and/or fun, however you want to use these words.

It is to build a prototype of something I currently call ursm/is, universal reasoning system machine information system. It would be built with a very small number of people, maybe 1 or 4 or whatever people from Leagu du Norde [Legu du Norde] in Italy, and about same number from Tunisia, preferably rural Tunisia, because that’s where there is more poverty, and that’s also where Mohamed Bouazizi self-immolated [2010] himself, starting a new Tunisian government, and the Arab Spring, though it has hardly turned out to be an easy or pleasant spring. Back then, I felt very sorry for him.

The Leagu du Norde, because people in groups like this are wretchedly, cruelly, vilified, burnt at the stake, treated as Medieval witches, with trials where reason is de facto banned.

Leagu du Norde and rural Tunisia jointly because this is outside-the-box thinking. Just because Leagu du Norde is against replacement of their people with truly huge numbers of people from other countries, does not, by reasoning, imply no joint work with other countries. Outside the box thinking. Not getting caught in believing the assumptions others throw on you. Reasoning.

Ursm has two branches, one without a computer system, one with. Without would seem to be a great advance for all kinds of individuals and groups, established and un-established, to create very solid, unquestionable reasoning. Whether political, scientific, religious. Certainly Leagu du Norde would be interesting for me to work on this. And it would be good to develop a far more rational, mellowed out, version of their ideas.

On the computer part. We need to develop a prototype. Forget about trying to explain this without a prototype. It should be possible to develop, but there are some question marks, and we won’t know until we try. This is where everything could fall through, and all effort and experience will come to naught.

The computer part is a combination of invention, business idea, a kind of research thinking but I’m not sure how much involved with existing expertise. Some parts though, some. Likely not much if at all. Depends. Very unknown.

Well, this is enough for now.

There is quite a bit more. It can certainly be other than Tunisia and League du Norde. The US and most of Europe are very likely not the place for it (millions of murderous rules, regulations, statutes, looking-agencies, checking agencies, confirming agencies, true murderers of psychological energy and spirit and fun). Nor Turkey, nor Russia, nor China.

And there are MANY considerations still be brought up. And many issues. This is just a start statement.

*** end intro ursm ***


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